"The 3 Step Land Trust" - Hosted by Randy Hughes aka Mr Land Trust

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Randy Hughes

Topic: "The 3 Step Land Trust" - Hosted by Randy Hughes aka Mr Land Trust
Presenter: Randy Hughes
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In this hour long Land Trust Workshop, you will learn the following:

  • What is a Land Trust and the forms involved
  • Why you should trust Randy Hughes as an expert
  • 21 benefits to using a Land Trust (#1 - Avoids Probate)
  • The "3 Step Land Trust" process (there's a FUN 4th step)
  • A product that give you the forms to "Create Your Own Land Trusts"
  • BONUS Products not offered on my website - (everybody does this, but mine really are bonueses)

That alone should be reason enough to attend this "Land Trust Workshop", however we have even more to offer. Not only can you get the forms needed to create your own Land Trust, but I include a Land Trust Manual. It explains the "what to do" and "why you need to" when creating a Land Trust. Then I explain all of the "players" in the Land Trust. (A little Hint - they are the "Trustee, Director, Beneficary")

So with all of that said, please go up to the top and enter your name and email address. WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION. We do plan to send you a few updates and oppertunities to view other products you will need for owning Real Estate. We will make sure to use discresion when sending... if you are not happy with the emails then go ahead and "opt out" at any time.

See you in the "Land Trust Workshop"

Randy Hughes
Mr Land Trust

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