Getting your kids to LISTEN just got a whole lot easier.

Tired of the tantrums and daily power struggles? Life as a parent having you feeling more like you're LOSING IT than LOVING IT?

We get that. And you're not alone. But there is HELP on the way! Join nationally recognized parenting expert Amy McCready for an exciting, life-changing, stress-relieving, strategy-filled one hour webinar with RIGHT-NOW Results…

Parents of children ages 2.5 - teens will discover:

  • WHY kids REALLY misbehave (and why it’s probably NOT what you think!)
  • How YOUR personality may actually FUEL the misbehavior (Yikes!)
  • Why time-out, punishment and “Because I said so!” backfires with today’s kids
  • The truth about consequences: the 5 R’s every parent needs to know to get kids to listen the FIRST time you ask.
  • A powerful resource of training tools to help de-stress your life, stop the nagging and yelling, and laugh a lot more in these precious years with your kids.

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