How to view your vital performance metrics through the eye of an eagle!

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Trevor Holmes

Topic: How to view your vital performance metrics through the eye of an eagle!
Presenter: Trevor Holmes
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A 4 step process that gives you the ability to see your corporate landscape

  • How to develop performance metrics at strategic, governance and operational levels – your metric formulas for business success
  • Aligning your measureable performance metrics with corporate strategic goals
  • Using Key Performance Indicator Dashboards as an effective communication tool with your leadership group
  • And how to build a culture of continuous business improvement through Performance Metrics Management


This high level webinar will stimulate your thinking of how you currently design your success metrics and then monitor them as a management tool with your key leadership team. If you are a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager or leader of a departmental area, then you will be stimulated in your thinking of just how easy it can be to develop success formulas.

In today’s globally competitive world, it is the cutting edge business leaders who operate like eagles and Trevor, a former lecturer at Griffith University and with 20 years of business consulting experience, will show you how you too can integrate the latest in business thinking with smart technology to give you the power to perform.

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