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Pete Asmus

Topic: How to Super Charge your Investing with Auctions in Arizona
Presenter: Pete Asmus
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Get the SUPER CHARGED ROI Machine our of your IRA or 401(k) with [Non-Recourse] Lending in Phoenix!
NON-RECOURSE HARD MONEY LOANS in 24 HOURS for our Turnkey flip system in Arizona!!!Turn yourIRA/401k/Roth/stocks/savings/line of credit into An ATM that disperses ROI every 4 months. We've done Over 11k deals with over 250 million in Profit, and we do all the work so you get the most important thing to you back.... YOUR TIME!!

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Check out See testimonials, case studies and a webinar

We created a sustainable Turnkey System that actually does what we believe everyone else wanted to facilitate. In our "Turnkey" system you actually have MORE money at the end of the year as well as a rental property. I figured out how to solve the cash now and cash flow challenge, and have put it all together to give you the ULTIMATE turnkey System.

In this Webinar:
1. Who we are
2. Case studies of real deals
3.The TURNKEY System and how it works
4. How to get your first property with us

If you are new to investing and need help, if you are already an investor and just want to leverage off a proven system or if you are a Professional and want to secure your retirement without getting a second job THIS IS FOR YOU!! Double your Money every 4 years while building your CASHFLOW Portfolio with the Off-Market Turnkey Real Estate System. The PROVEN system [11,000 DEALS] that’s sold [OVER 2.8 Billion] in real estate generating [OVER $250 MILLION] in PROFIT and counting!!

Check out See testimonials, case studies and a webinar
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