Don't Sabotage Your Chances of Avoiding a DUI Conviction! Get the Facts NOW!

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Elliott Wilcox

Topic: How to Survive Your DUI - Secrets from a (former) DUI Prosecutor
Presenter: Elliott Wilcox
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In this webinar, you'll learn how to avoid the most common (and often fatal) mistakes that many people make after getting arrested.

DUI cases are very technical. If you miss even one single deadline, you risk sabotaging your case or killing your chances of getting your license back. There are mistakes you can make these first few days after your arrest that destroy critical evidence, evidence that could be the key to keeping you out of jail!

Elliott Wilcox will share the secrets he learned from his time as a former DUI prosecutor, as the DUI prosecutor who trained the other DUI prosecutors, and as an attorney who now dedicates 100% of his practice to DUI defense.

Don't make ANY final decisions about your case until you watch this important webinar!

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