Book TV/Film On Your Own: 3 Insider Strategies  

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Topic: Book TV/Film on Your Own: 3 Insider Strategies (Webinar)
Presenter: Jona Xiao (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING)
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Do you want to be accelerating faster in your career? Are you tired of taking the “traditional approaches” that everyone else is taking with little success? Take control of your career—find out insider secrets that a majority of actors DON’T KNOW and get ahead! Learn from working actress Jona Xiao (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, HALT & CATCH FIRE, etc.)

When you attend this info-packed webinar, you will learn:

*How to approach “networking” in a fresh and genuine way to book more work while making new industry friends

*Creative Ways Our Students have Generated a TON of INCREDIBLE auditions & bookings

*How to audition for BIG roles even if your credits are smaller

Duration: 45 Minutes

Location: Anywhere you have internet access

What Actors Are Saying About This Training:
“I’ve been to multiple seminars over 10+ years in NYC and LA, and this is the best “business of acting” seminar I’ve ever attended!” -Nami Paix, GREY’S ANATOMY, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, NCIS: LOS ANGELES

“This seminar was so informative and gave me another perspective; the way to reach people and decision makers that can change my career path.” -Gerardo Davila, PRISON BREAK, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, DALLAS

“I have always found myself to be good at forging relationships, but her workshop added insightful techniques and strategies towards creating more growth. ‘Allow your network to always see you as not just relevant, but remembered!’ – Brett Zimmerman, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, MILLION DOLLAR ARM

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